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Linear was founded in 1997 after 15 years of consulting its partners in large companies. We offer mathematical-computational solutions for planning and decision making.

The nature of our activities is such that it applies to practically the entire industrial and service sector, and in different areas, such as, for example, Planning, Production, Marketing, Sales, Distribution Logistics, etc.

The solutions deployed can either be of the tailor made type, i.e. developed especially for a given customer, as they may be part of a collection of products developed by Linear over the years. Our products integrate easily with large enterprise management software, the so-called ERP, and cover specific functions not met by them.

Linear is made up of professionals with a solid academic background and a long practical experience (meet our team), consolidated through various consultancy projects developed for private and public companies.

In addition to its fixed staff, Linear counts on the support of highly qualified professionals from the academic sector, who work in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computing, and maintains a permanent relationship with Linear.

Linear Mathematical Software can help you analyze, develop and implement solutions for your company, including pre-quantification of earnings! Without preconceived fashions or ideas, let us listen to you very carefully to understand the problem to be solved, the operational context of the company and try to collaborate with the solution – always working together. We believe in combining problem-solving skills.

Share the challenges of your company with our team and surprise yourself with the cost-benefit ratio of our services.