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Identification of Productive Bottlenecks

It is not always easy to find the productive bottleneck of the lines, since many times it depends on the mix produced. With Otimix we can show it in a simplified way and this brings important gains for companies in competitive differential search, such as:

  • Increase in productive efficiency of plants
  • Better planning and control of manufacturing capacity
  • Control and visualization of relevant productive parameters, such as occupation rate of the machines and hours of operation
  • Greater customer service
  • Support for investment policy


Our solution presents a series of characteristics that positions it in front of the best in the sector:

  • It allows the entry of all relevant productive parameters to identify bottlenecks

  • Highly customizable tool to better suit your business needs

  • It has customizable reports to make identifying productive bottlenecks more intuitive

  • System automatically makes user input data consistency