End-to-End Planning​

OTIMIX is our most complete solution. Classified as an Advanced Planning System (APS), it enables you to plan your supply chain to create the best scenario for your company. The result includes the acquisition of inputs from suppliers and the distribution of products to its distribution centers and customers. It facilitates its operations management, enabling:

  • Define the mix of products in a feasible, salable and profitable way
  • Reduce distribution grid costs
  • Assist in the planning of purchase of inputs
  • Indicate the most appropriate level of stocks


Our solution, OTIMIX, uses an optimization routine with a friendly interface that facilitates its use. His computational mathematical modeling has the highest development in the area, with robust algorithms able to handle problems of the most diverse dimensions, due to characteristics such as:

  • Possibility to use a web or desktop platform
  • Has interface in Excel spreadsheets
  • It allows the inclusion of the most diverse restrictions relevant to satisfy the specifics of its chain
  • Presents flexible reports to fit your needs